July 8, 2015

Amazing Japanese Naginata

How’s it shaking Krazy Katana fans! This week we’ve got a line up of insane Japanese Naginata swords for you. But the one were going to show you now is similar to the Dragon Naginata a week back, posted last time in the Naginata category section. This model measures about Sixty four inches and is way more traditional in shape, size and feel. The edging has a more sleek straight design to it; so basically with less scary pointy corners of doom on it. Amazing Traditional NaginataIn comparison to the Dragon Naginata this traditional style is more light to carry and comes with a pretty sexy sheath. The blade does separate from the staff giving you the multi-functionality of spear or sword. That’s right get your range on woooo! Anyways weather your slaying people on horseback or upclose and personal this Japanese Naginata is an excellent addition to have in your collection. Priced under sixty dollars this is a steal. Most practice Naginatas usually sell for over a hundred bucks.Check it Out Grap your piggy banks and smash them on your brothers head and join me as we ride on horses with our new naginatas slaying as many Zombies as we can. Note to all Krazy Katana Fans don’t actually injure your poor brothers pretty head you can however get a new Naginata and as far as Zombies go I’ve been watching to much walking dead. Anyways Enjoy and see you all in the next post!

That’s what it looks like to be attacked by a Samurai with a Naginata