January 6, 2016

Amazing Tachi Replica Last Samurai!!

So Krazy Katana peeps, if you haven’t seen the Last Samurai Movie you should it’s pretty bad ass and Tom Cruise owns people with a beast Tachi Katana enough said.

This week I finally got the replica that he uses in the movie and for under a hundred bucks this tachi Katana is freaking insane.tachi-last-samurai-1 It comes triple polished with like a mirror finish and is about 41 inches long. The Tachi even has the Japanese engravings on it from the movie which translate to serve with dignity and honor. The scabbard has a black lacquered finish and has real ray skin on it. This katana is well worth the money and has superb balance for the price. If you haven’t already pick up yours and watch the movie too.

Check it Out