May 5, 2015

Chinese Broadsword

Welcome back Krazy Katana fans today were posting this beautiful broadsword from the same manufactures as the Qing Broadsword. We were so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of that sword so we ordered another one and WOW is all we could say. Longquang sword crafting skills are impeccable and well worth every penny. This Broadsword is hand forged with skill to perfection as the blade is a length of twenty eight inches long and made of Damascus folded steel. Amazingly Balanced Chinese BroadswordThe overall length of the blade can vary as this sword can be custom balanced to suit your height. Both the handle and the scabbard is made from elegant rosewood making the red rope wrapped around the handle and the sheen from the blade pop. This Broadsword can be used for practice or make a great piece for anyone’s collection to be hung up or displayed. The blade is sharp upon arrival so be careful you don’t chop anyone’s arm off including your own. To maintain your broadswords shine the people at Longquang sword forgery suggest you use knife oil or mineral oil as well. Check it outIf you like broadswords and crazy chopping action with a perfect balance then this is the sword you should be swinging.