May 6, 2015

Chinese Martial Broadsword

Today in our Krazy Katana arsenal we added this gorgeous broadsword or martial dao as its called. This broadsword is freaking amazing as far as aesthetics and functionality. That’s right I cut down a few zombies these past few days; just kidding but not really. Anyways the shape of this blade is a little more straight than the traditional broadswords I’ve posted in the past. The look of this sword completely caught me off guard with its straighter edge and modern grip handle. Yet the artists at Longquang forgery never cease to amaze me with their craftsmanship. Incredible Chinese Martial BroadswordThis broadsword is so ornately designed with its traditional style embellishments and decor. On the hilt of the broadsword there is this amazingly designed dragon head with its mouth open as if its breathing fire.┬áThe metal work on the scabbard is equally as impressive as there are many horses displayed along its hardwood shell. The blade is made of Damascus grain steel and measures twenty inches long with a overall length of forty inches and has Chinese symbols engraved on the blade. The broadsword is remarkably well balanced and the handle is extremely comfortable as it is meant to be held as a two handed broadsword. This is a superb piece to have in your collection or to be given as a gift to that sword junkie you know, so go ahead and add this to your collection today.Check it out