June 24, 2015

Dragon Japanese Naginata Sword

Alright Krazy Katana peeps this weeks post is gonna being redonkulous so I hope your ready for some amazing Naginata action! So the Japanese Samurai used some pretty insane weapons back in the day. What allot of people today think of when the hear the name Samurai is the Katana. However these pimps of the sword used a range of weapons from swords to bows and spears.Deadly Dragon Japanese Naginata So I know what your thinking what the hell are you trying to get at here… Well hold your horses cause the Naginata was basically a sword on a stick. Thats right this spear like sword was a multifuctional weapon where for longer range they’d attach it to the pole and if some badass got too close they could easily detach it and chop them to smithereens and yes I really wanted to say smithereens. This Japanese Naginata has an impressive etching design of a dragon on the scabbard. The blade is nineteen inch blade of stainless steel. The Overall length of this deadly Naginata is sixty inches perfect for storing in your shed, golf bag or wherever you see fit. Check it outNow for all you careless kiddies out there becareful cause this Naginata does come shipped sharp and i know everyone is anxious to swing this baby around just try not to aim for someones head and mind your grip. Last thing people need is a flying Naginata through their window, that being said make sure you pick up yours today so you can add this sick weapon to your arsenal collection. Ps┬ádon’t ask me why the guy has a baby in his backpack.