June 15, 2015

Final Fantasy Sephiroth Masamune Nodachi Katana

What’s up all you Krazy Katana fans out there?! I am please to present you with one of my old time favorites from the Final Fantasy game series. Here it is Sephiroth’s Masamune Nodachi Katana. Amazing Sephiroth Masamune Nodachi KatanaNow for those of you who haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy games don’t feel too bad. Go grab your time machines pick up a copy for playstation one and start from there. I’ll wait here till you get back… Alrighty now that were all up to speed you’ll see that Sephiroth is arguably one of the most recognized and memorable villains from the Final Fantasy series.Insanly long masamune nodachi katana What makes this guy so deadly and memorable is the fact that he wields a seven foot legendary Masamune Katana. Fun fact Masamune in actual history was a real person who was and probably still is revered for being the best sword smith in ancient Japan. His craftsmanship was legendary to epic proportions. It was said his blades could cut a silk cloth in half by placing it on the blade and tilting the handle. But anyways that enough edumacation for now let’s get back to Sephiroth and his Masamune Katana. So for this post I’m going to make two links. The first link will feature the replica of Sephiroth’s  Masamune Nodachi katana. The replica is made of Seventy eight inches of high quality grade stainless steel. Check it OutThis link is perfect for all the collectors who are just going to showcase this Nodachi Katana or hang it up somewhere for all to see. Now because this beast of a blade is so long I’d recommend not swinging this at anything as it will likely snap in two upon impact. Final Fantasy Masamune Nodachi Replica KatanaNow if you’re like me and you enjoy swinging pointy sharp things through the air at inanimate objects then this second link is for you. The second link has lots of options as far as the grade of steel you’d like Sephiroth’s Katana to be made of. It’s a high quality replica but the length is that of a normal katana allowing you use it as such. It’s fifty five inches long and the material varies from a medium carbon steel blade to a clay tempered handforged blade. So make sure you be mindful of what option you choose cause the price varies, Check it outeither way this is a sweet addition to anyone’s collection especially if you’re a Final Fantasy fan.