January 7, 2016

Dancing Crane Tsuba

What’s up Krazy Katana fans! I’ve got a cool post for you all today! The Crane Tsuba which is an amazing design. Now before I get a head of myself, you’re probably asking what the hell a Tsuba is and no I’m not misspelling a tuba. A Tsuba is the guard part of a katana right above the handle. The Crane tsuba is apart of the Katana that i will also post here.crane-tsuba I figure if you guys already own it you could get the Tsuba separately if you needed an extra or wanted to replace the tsuba on one of the katanas in your existing collection. These make great gifts to give someone because they are fairly inexpensive and makes the katanas you have custom. Check it OutNow the Katana is handmade by the Ace Martial arts supply. These guys make hundreds of swords, katanas, and marital art supplies. The overall length of the katana is forty inches long with the blade measuring at a solid twenty eight inch length and made out of 1045 gauge carbon steel. The sword was made solid and able to fully customize with the ability to switch out tsubas. Now let me be clear this Katana does already come with the dancing crane tsuba. dancing-crane-tsubaI’ve only posted it as a back up or for you guys to give as a gift for someone else that may find it cool. Check it outNow with that ill let you check it out and decide for yourselves. See ya guys next time.