May 12, 2015

Hattori Hanzo Bud’s Katana Kill Bill

Hey Krazy Katana fans if you’ve been tuning in to my earlier posts you’ll know ive been covering the awesomeness that is Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill. This movie is freaking epic and has some amazing katanas in it, particularly of the legendary swordsmith called Hattori Hanzo. Hattori Hanzo made katanas of pure epic proportion. In the Movie there are three main ones that are mentioned there is the Bride’s katana then theres Bill’s; the third is a very obscure katana but helps out the hero in the story to escape a deadly encounter. (seriously watch this movie if you haven’t already) The third Hattori Hanzo katana belongs to Budd which is Bill’s brother. Budd's Sharp Hattori HanzoThe replica of this iconic Hattori Hanzo katana is made with incredible detail and even has the personalized inscription on it that Bill had wrote to his brother Budd. The high grade carbon steel makes this Hattori Hanzo katana live up to its name. Check it outIt comes fully sharpened and equipped to cut straight through a melon and I’m not talking about someones head. the tsuba and fittings have and amazing gunmetal black finish. The handle is pretty sexy with a rayskin leather wrap on it and the sheath is a black and white lacquered hardwood shell. Holding this Hattori Hanzo katana is amazing and makes me smile every time I think of the movie. Don’t hesitate to pick up your own Hattori Hanzo katana to swing around and chop some melons in half (again I’m talking watermelons not heads). See you in the next post! 😉