May 10, 2015

Hattori Hanzo Sword of the Bride

Alrighty I’m super excited to present this spectacular Hattori Hanzo replica of the Brides sword from one of my favorite movies Kill Bill. The movie is freaking amazing if you haven’t seen it yet STOP EVERYTHING and go watch it first and then you’ll see why you need to have this sick blade in your collection. Amazing Hattori Hanzo Bride SwordSo Legend has it Hattori Hanzo was one of the greatest swordsmiths who ever lived. Hattori Hanzo’s blades were crafted with the highest level of skill and to a degree of perfection. The man of legend retired from swordsmithing after taking a blood oath to stop making weapons that kill peopleCheck it out. The Bride’s sword was the last and apparently the best sword that Hattori Hanzo ever created. This Replica is made of a high grade stainless steel. It is a full tang and comes very sharp so be careful and keep out of the reach from children. The sheath is made of hardwood bamboo and has a beautiful lacquered finish on it. The Hattori Hanzo┬ákatana is a perfect piece for any Quentin Tarantino fan so grab your sword and your yellow jumpsuit put on a stern face and set your target for Bill.