May 13, 2015

Iaido Eishin-Ryu Japanese Swordsmanship

Iaido, the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship. Back in the day they used to practice this deadly art of taking someones life in one draw of the katana. Today however it’s practiced more of a martial art to improve skill, stamina and precision with the blade. I’ll be posting two links together cause these books go hand in hand to ensure you’re as good as the guy in the video below.

As the most common form of Japanese swordsmanship practiced today the man in the video, Hayashi has honed his skills to a frightening level of accuracy and precision. In the novel by Nicklaus Suino he teaches how to enhance your own katana skills through the methods of Iaido. Iaido The incredible art of  Japanese SwordmanshipThe first book is a great read for anyone starting out and features 264 pages of great and simple to follow instructions as well as some clear illustrations. Pick up your copy so you can practice cutting some cucumbers off your friends head. Oh ya don’t forget your blindfold ( just kidding but if you got that good I’d be pretty damn impressed)! Check it outNow this next book goes in conjunction with the first one. Its written by the same author and is a shorter read with only 116 pages. After learning the tips and methodology of Iaido this next book is packed with tons of drills and practices to hone and perfect your form. So before you know it you’ll be slicing and slashing your way through watermelons, pineapples and oranges better than fruit ninja. Go ahead and start practicing. Amazing Iaido Skills Japanese SwordsmanshipCheck it Out