June 10, 2015

Iaido Practice Katanas

What’s up all you Krazy Katana fanatics out there! So my last post about Iaido, was a few books teaching the ancient Japanese methods to get your form right and chop cucumbers off a guys head remember? Amazing Bamboo Practice Katana SetIt’s okay if you don’t remember, I wont hold it against you this time. But just to reiterate what the ancient art of Iaido is; it’s basically the kickass art of how to slice someone in two with one stroke of the katana and more accurately how to draw once and kill someone. Now its not all blood and gore, nowadays Iaido is practiced as a martial art with what I’m about to show you now; which happens to be practice katanas. That’s right kiddies you now you can swing your sword at your younger brother and not worry about getting in trouble for chopping off his arm again. You know you’ve all done it. The first one I’ll show you here is made from bamboo making it light and quite durable for constant impact from dueling. You get two 47″ practice katanas with a lightweight handle included with a guard. This set is perfect if you’re just starting out but don’t go out and slay trees otherwise they will likely split as they are meant to be used for sparring.Check it out

This second set of practice katanas are pretty amazing as well. They are a little more heavy duty for the more avid dueling masters out there. They can really take a beating and dish them out too. If you don’t believe me just ask my poor old refrigerator (don’t ask, it had it coming). Amazing Polypropylene Practice KatanaAnywho the material on this practice katana is made entirely out of the highest grade of polypropylene. The synthetic material is a bit on the light side but the advantage is it’s way more durable and will last an astonishingly lot longer than any wood material practice katana. Overall this rates well and is about fourty two inches long and weighs in about 18 ounces for your sparring needs. This is perfect for settling disputes of any kind. Anytime an argument starts duel it out and let that be the end of it. So go ahead and solve all your problems now. Check it Out

Here’s a little something to help motivate you to aspire to, so practice hard!