January 6, 2016

Massive Nodachi Katana!!

What’s up all you Krazy Katana fans. It’s been a while but I’m back with a vengeance to present you with this absolutely massive nodachi Katana I came across. I mean this thing is scary, I could probably impale right through a hippo with this katana. It looks like something straight out of an anime. That being said the length of this massive nodachi sword is a whopping seventy eight inches long and made of carbon steel. Nodachi-carbon-steel-katanaNow originally when I was holding this sword I wanted to own a bunch of people like the bride did in kill bill with the krazy eighty eight scene, but after swinging it around i’m convinced its strictly for display and more of a wow factor to show off who’s nodachi is bigger ;). Surprisingly it does not have a full tang but its still pretty damn cool. the look and feel of this will really have you guys impressed I think. Oh yes and before i forget it does come with a wooden scabbard. If you’re looking for a good piece to show off and add to your collection then this piece for under a hundred doll hairs is well worth it. Anyways I’ll post again later.

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