May 4, 2015

Qing Broad Sword

The Chinese broad sword or Dao was often used to counter the katana that Samurais used. qing-broadsword-unsheathedIts primarily used for slashing or chopping so get ready and stack those cardboard boxes high. Known as the general of all swords this broadsword is beautifully hand crafted in the heart of Longquan Zhejiang China. In this rich cultural city they don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to sword making. This broadsword is a wicked piece to own. Balanced Qing BroadswordThe balance on this sword is excellent and the etching and metal work on the hilt is absolutely stunning. The people who work at the forge are actually amazing at what they do and can custom this broadsword to your height by just sending them your measurements. The broadsword comes sharpened and with a handmade rosewood scabbard fit nice and snug. Holding this sword in your hand you will see exactly what I mean about its superb balance and shear beauty. Check it outThe value of what you get this broadsword for will definitely get you more than what you bargained for as most swords of this caliber are usually priced three times as much. Go ahead and pick up your’s, you won’t be sorry you did.