April 26, 2015

Reverse Black Katana With Stand

Amazing Black Reverse KatanaThis amazing black  reverse katana is affordable and wickedly stylish, adding this to your collection is a no brainer. The blade itself is about 27 inches long and the entire length including the sheath measures just about 40 inches. If you’re a katana enthusiast like me you know this makes for a quick draw.

The katana is also remarkably light and well balanced allowing all you ambidextrous folk out there to switch hands whenever convenient or if a ninja attacks.  Priced at just under forty bucks this katana is extremely sleek and the craftsmanship was actually shocking in a good way.

Oiled up initially to maintain its sheen the blade practically glows when the light hits it. The handle has a snug fit and rests well in your hand making this katana a fun Check it outsword to swing around and slay all those dandelions in your backyard.

The sheath for the katana has superb quality and has a symbol embellished on it. After looking into it a bit more the symbol translates to honor. The free stand included with the katana  is very basic but will work if you are just going to display it on a table top or counter.  Add this to your collection now.Amazing Black Reverse KatanaAmazing Black Reverse Katana