April 26, 2015

Storm Shadow Katana

Okay if you’re a G.I. Joe fan this katana is going to blow your socks off! From the lovable G.I. Joe franchise one of the most fearsome ninjas known as Storm Shadow completely decked out in white ninja gear wielding his amazing katana and fights off soldiers of the G.I. Joe crew. Now you too can wield the awesome power and finesse with Storm Shadow’s katana. At a remarkable low cost this collectors item features the overall blade length at 40 inches long.

The detail in this katana makes it a perfect accessory for cosplay or just to have in your collection. The red stripes on the blade look dazzling together with the white scabbard.Ultimate Storm Shadow Katana

Swinging this katana around will make you feel just like Storm Shadow and you can pretend like your battling Snake Eyes (if you know G.I. Joe it’ll all make sense). The only thing this katana needs is a stand if you are looking to showcase this in your room, on a wall or in your personal collection. The blade itself ┬áis made of carbon steel and has a metal tsuba and looks and feels exquisite. After swinging this baby around and testing it out I’m happy to share this post with you so go ahead a check it out.Check it outStorm ShadowWicked Sharp Storm Shadow Katana