January 7, 2016

Tactical Tanto Razor Sharp!

Krazy Katana fans we’ve got something special for you this week and its super ridiculously awesome sharp, so kiddies watch your fingers. This tactical Tanto is made by the masters at cold steel. Now if you’ve searched on the web for anything related to katanas or tantos or swords these guys make some incredible blades. The performance is seriously like no other. tactical-tantoThe Tanto I’ve posted from them is their newest design in the leatherneck series and later ill post a video of them cutting some krazy shit with it like ropes, big ass slabs of meat lol and a steel garage door. Now Tantos are smaller blades which is why I was so surprised that this blade comes out of the box ready to chop through paper and whatever else like it was air. The amazing Tanto is about twelve inches long and really thin, about five millimeters. For my non metric friends that’s almost a quarter of an inch. The sheath that comes with the Tanto is something I envision a ninja carrying around with him or Rambo. Check it OutEither way you’ll have lots of fun craving those pumpkins next time Halloween comes around. Check out the video and add it to your collection.