July 30, 2015

Zombie Destroying Naginata

Welcome back all you Krazy Katana fans. This week I’m starting off strong with a little Naginata action. Perfect weapon to kick ass and wreck some zombies. If you haven’t already check out some of the other posts on Naginatas where I explain what they are in more detailCheck it Out. So today’s weapon of choice against the zombie apocalypse is the M48 Naginata. This puppy is crazy durable with it’s fiberglass reinforced arm and secure rubber grip handle makes it excellent for handling and painting the walls red with zombie guts like you were Picasso himself. Don’t worry about those walkers getting close the M48 Naginata has a ten inch blade and a deadly overall length of fifty eight inches long. The blade cuts through zombies like a hot knife through butter cause of its tempered steel blade. This wicked Naginata should be in every zombie apocalyptic survivalists tool kit. Check out the video below too to see it in action.